Minimize the risk of abandoned carts. Scale your sales and business

Customers are throwing carts worth $ 4.6 billion a year. Over the past 12 years, the average basket abandoned has grown by 15%. That's 76 out of 100 buyers.
Competition in online-commerce is growing from year to year. Along with it, there is a growing trend among consumers not to complete purchases and look for the best prices. Most likely, the share of abandoned carts will continue to grow, that's why it's so important to set up sales mechanics for abandoned carts.
The best way to return a customer is to find out why they leave items in their shopping cart and not checkout. Then we offer a solution to the problem and complete the transaction. This can be done with the correct series of automatic notifications.

Effective examples of push-messages for abandoned carts:
  1. Information that these products will be sold out soon.
  2. Designation of the number of goods remaining in the warehouse.
  3. Reminder of the upcoming holiday and that the order will be delivered before that date.
  4. 10% discount for an order within an hour.
  5. Free shipping or delivery.
  6. A promo code for a discount for an order in the next 24 hours.
Push notification implementation starts working immediately.

Abandoned carts are not always associated with negative emotions. Client may be distracted by something from the purchase or at the last stage he doubted the usefulness of the product. Therefore, it often remains to return the user's chance to place an order. The main thing is to skillfully use this chance. This is where pop-up notifications can help.
You don't have to wait for the effect of retargeting and expect a response months later. You can optimize your marketing strategy and innovate your business right now.