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Pop-up, intriguing, catchy. Push notifications Notifications have been actively and productively used in marketing for over 10 years.

iOS, Android, Amazon Echo, macOS, Windows, Chrome, Safari, Firefox… the support-list for push-notifications is endless.
Push-marketing includes notifications — short pop-up messages that appear on the screen of a mobile phone or regular computer and inform you of important events and updates. Used effectively, these short informative messages are a powerful marketing tool.
Just plug in. In order to enable sending push notifications on your site, you just need to install a few lines of code on it.
There is no extra effort required to send push notifications. Users receive notifications even if they leave the site. Also, customers don't have to leave their contact information to subscribe — all this makes it much easier to get started.
Push notifications are a useful marketing tool that helps not only alert customers to important events, but also positively influence sales and promotion of a company in the digital environment. But you need to approach their use deliberately: don't spam, plan content and time of sending, and also personalize offers.
Our full-featured platform offers solutions to innovate and scale communications across all business sectors.