Push-notifications bring your marketing efforts and investments to the next level of earnings.

Connecting push-mailings works through Internet browsers on various systems and provides a new channel of communication with customers. Optimize and increase loyalty, average check and frequency of purchases.
Monetize your website in a new way!

Benefits of push-marketing:

  • Grab the customer's attention. According to statistics, push notifications open up to 90%.
  • Increase engagement. The frequency of subscription to push notifications on Android devices is 91 %, and on iOS devices — 44 %, while the click-through rate of messages is 7 times higher than that of email. This means that push notifications are an effective channel for interacting with your audience
  • Improves communication with users. Microcommunications help to build trusting relationships.
  • Facilitate user-to-customer conversion. Push-notifications can help you every step of the buyer's journey. Thanks to the system of trigger mailings, we return users who were on the site, but didn't take the targeted action, offering them a relevant assortment and special conditions.
  • Increase conversion. Push notifications help to keep existing users and reactivate inactive subscribers.

Personalize sales. Increase traffic.

Segmentation of audience

Segment users by location, needs or other information.

Automatization of sales

Automation and filtration via needs and wants provide a general vision of behaviour. Clients come back. Sales rise up.

Raising up traffic

Personalized and relevant push-notifications direct traffic to specific pages of a site or to sections of an application.

We work with several ad providers on payment models. Web push-notifications are a versatile ad format that suits any business. Feel free to add web push-notifications to your toolbox. Free, fast and affordable, they will make communication with your customers much easier and help you to increase your sales.


  • The technology is quite simple. The user enters the site in the corner of the screen and sees a small window. The structure may vary, but in general it looks like this: title, text, picture, items.
  • Setting up a push-notification is very simple — enter the code on the site and wait for subscribers! Advertisement made in a couple of minutes: a headline, one or two sentences and a picture.
  • Each click on the notification opens the selected page of the site in the subscriber's browser.
  • Create promo, personalize messages and calculate your revenue.

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